Conversion Tracking

Identify your Paycheck Keywords

Your paycheck keywords are the keywords that consistently bring in the most visitors and conversions.  You can quickly identify which of your keywords bring in the most traffic using Google analytics for your website.  You’ll find the information you need under the traffic sources tab on the left.  Then select organic and the keywords will be ranked in descending order by number of visitors per keyword.  However these keywords may not be the same keywords that drive your sales.  In order to find which keywords drive sales, you will need to setup a conversion goal within analytics.

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How to build a backlink profile that works

Backlinks are the best way to get a website placed in major search engines.  However, add to many backlinks too quickly and the hyperlinks will bring down Google’s wrath.  How can you stroll the fine line between junk links and excellence?  Read below for a superb Backlink approach which works.

Backlinks are Sacred

Backlinks are really viewed by Google along with other search engines as a testament to the quality of your content.  The search engines assume which if someone is willing to link to the post, or perhaps address it, then your content deserves to be recognized.  Naturally, with countless web sites available not everyone can rank for the same phrase.  In the past spamming comment forms alongside backlinks to your site might have created a big difference.  Google has since tweaked the algorithm many times to keep up with abuses and will penalize on “unnatural” backlinks.

What tend to be unnatural Backlinks?

When average people speak about a business or maybe a motion picture we don’t usually say the same phrase repeatedly.  A website owner should avoid frequently using the same anchor text.  Instead, utilize differences which can catch the long tail aspects of your target keyword phrases.  Rather than always linking, “See our SEO TIPS as well as learn to rank promptly,” try “need to rank promptly? See how we did it.”  Differing linking techniques will offer credibility to your Backlink approach and also appear a lot more natural. Sidebars, footers, and also comment boxes are not extremely effective at just boosting the page-rank, even so they still form a complete backlink picture, as well as appear natural to the various search engines.

Think about a scenario: You are the website owner of a just launched website and desire to position promptly for the phase “green eggs and ham.”  You decide to purchase backlinks through a service that ensures 40 thousands of backlinks in two days.  Seems like a great contract right? No.  Google realizes that the spankin’ new web page does not deserve that much reputation overnight.  Because of this your website runs the risk being penalized and also de-indexed.

Subsequently what exactly is a Backlink Method that really works?

Think about single incoming backlinks as water entering a stream, and your website as a village along the shores.  Suddenly flood the stream with junk backlinks and Google will consider the sudden increase of links as a bad thing. Alternatively if the links enter the stream over time, and by different techiniques then the disaster is avoided.  Subsequently, a better way to success is well rounded strategy.

A backlink method that works

Instead of making thousands of web links directed at the home page which all use similar anchor text, you need to spread the efforts.  By making use of a system of satellites you are able to benefit from backlinks as well as not stress about burning your own page down.  Using the same analogy as above, your webpage becomes a village along a river instead of a stream; and your satellites become new villages on the shores of their own streams.

Some varieties of satellites include:

  • Free blogs
  • Article Hosts (Ezine articles)
  • Blog site Comments
  • Forums

Utilizing satellites enable a webmaster to ultimately launder your hyperlinks.  Aim backlinks to each of the satellites and then point links from the satellites to your site.  By Making use of article generating tools or perhaps your individual authoring talents, you can create articles for backlinks in minutes.

VSEO – Tips and Tricks

Anyone who manages a website knows the value of ranking on the first page of Google.  But unfortunately, those same people often ignore YouTube when devoloping their SEO strategies, however the online video holy grail is also a search engine.  YouTube is billed as second only to Google, with nearly 4 billion searches monthly. Google often positions YouTube videos amidst the top ten search results; so a video might have a chance to rank where a webpage might not rank.  So how can you implement SEO into your film uploads?

Video clips that are submitted need to be optimized with SEO in mind. Every video that you post needs to be indexed and tagged, that will greatly enhance the visibility of your brand name in your targeted keyword’s search results. Below are a few tips to bare in mind when starting up your company’s YouTube channel.

VSEO: Optimizing for YouTube

YouTube is loaded with video clips covering every concept under the heavens.  People search YouTube for videos for information to purchase products, or solve problems.  Your company only stands to benefit by having a voice in the second largest search engine.

So you’re persuaded, now to load the clip. Upon completion of your video upload to YouTube, you will be prompted to input the tags, description, and title of the video.  All of these are essential information when it comes to enhancing your VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization). As with SEO, you need to include specific keywords in your title along with your descriptions. It’s also a good idea to use the same keyword or phrase again. For example, a video you have just uploaded could be titled: “Surviving Armageddon: Angel-bond has the right foundation for your skin tone”. The term foundation is reiterated, which increases the chances your video will show up when individuals query for that word.

Additionally, the video description needs to be filled and should include not merely keywords but links back to your online store. The video description does display in the Google search results and is also used to determine which keywords your video will rank for. The tags you used are “read” by search engine spiders to determine what the content features, so take care to add in a number of relevant keywords or phrases.

Devise Engaging Videos

Any video that you upload should be both entertaining and appropriate for to your brand. Notwithstanding the quality of your SEO skills, viewers simply are not interested in seeing mundane, promotional videos. YouTube monitors which videos get watched for longer lengths of time as opposed to videos where users navigate away after a couple of seconds. YouTube rates the more appealing videos higher up. Engaging videos usually are more likely to be shared on social networks also.

What is yardsellr?

With rate of current developments and startups on the internet you may not have heard of Yardsellr.  If you have allready visited yardsellr, then you know how visually appealing the site is..  It is a cross between craigslist and ebay with good portions of etsy and pinterest mixed in.  The site was started by some ex-ebay members with a vision.  Not only is yardsellr a fun site, but it offers activity rewards, no seller fees, and social sharing to boot.

The answer to the drawbacks of other selling platforms is Yardsellr.  On yardsellr you can post your stuff for free, and much like ebay the payments are handled through the website.  The best part is that you can share everything you list, love, or want to buy with facebook or twitter.  The core principle behind the site is social sharing.  This can help you sell your wares quicker, or just share the neat old stuff you see other people selling.  Yardsellr has in fact, been touted as facebook’s garage sale.

The best part of the whole process is that you can share with your friends everything you discover on yardseller.  Whether you are Selling a Hugger Orange ’69 Camaro, or the hot wheel model, when you share with your friends you increase exposure and your chance to sell.  The entire website is based on this core idea, and you’ll find an opportunity to share on facebook, pinterest, or twitter at every turn.

Yardsellr also has a leaderboard which keeps track of the most active users, or those with the most photons.  At the end of the month the user with the highest number of photons will win 500 dollars.  Second place takes home 250 dollars, and third will claim one hundred-fifty.  Then rounding out the top ten for the month is a fifty dollar reward for each of the users.  Earning photons is easy as mentioned above, but you shouldn’t stay away too long because as soon as you log off the website your photons begin to disappear.  When you log on you can pause the countdown for an hour at a time, after that the countdown resumes.  When the ticker is going you are losing one photon a second.

There are several ways to make money on yardsellr, and have fun doing it.  The browsing interface is all visual and even with a small community competition can be quite stiff.  How can you succeed?  Read here to see how to make money on yardsellr.

Choosing an Affiliate Program

Tons of affiliate programs are available for just about every type of product or service you can envision.  However, to be successful you should go for a program that you can properly promote.  The most obvious way to do that is to choose a product that you like or have an affinity for.  The best way to know if that is the kind of program you wish to promote, is if you are interested in purchasing the product yourself. If that is the case, chances are, there are many other individuals who are also interested in buying the same program or item.  Be certain that the partner is a contender in its field of expertise.  Selling a product that is inferior will be much harder than selling the best product available.

Make certain that the affiliate program has adequate support for its affiliate members.  Some companies may only offer its affiliates with an affiliate link, while other programs offer banners, emails, images, and even videos.  A well supported program will make your job of selling the product much easier.  Prior to joining the affiliate program, consider if you would buy the product, and if you would suggest it to your friends.  If you would not, then why?  If you think the company is dishonest, or not living up to its claims then chances are that the visitors to your page are wondering the same thing.  Promoting shady businesses could harm your reputation in exchange for a few bucks, while a straight forward review will reward you with commissions and develop your reputation as an expert.

Analyze any prospective affiliate programs and see what current affiliates and  customers are saying about the product.  It is likely that any potential customers will do the same search and read bad reviews just as well as you would.  All products will have some bad reviews, but if a product has overwhelmingly poor reviews, it would be best to avoid it, and focus on something else.  Find products that serve to an evolving market, or are very popular.  This will ensure that you are going to be able to turn a profit off of your referrals for a while, versus catching the fad on the downhill slope.  Any program you join should have the commission plan clearly outlined.  When choosing a program be sure that you can live with the payments.  Most programs will also have requirements from you, the affiliate.  These requirements usually center on the amount of web traffic you receive in addition to the concept of your website.  Some programs will have minimum referral quotas as well as other constraints.  Be confident that you can meet these requirements before joining the program.  Finally, with the large volume of free to join affiliate programs, there should never be any reason that you should have to pay to participate in a program.  If you are inclined to do so then be certain that you can make enough referrals to make it worth your while.  Have a thorough and intensive knowledge about the affiliate program and network you will be promoting on.  Having a good idea of the program that you are entering will help you be successful and and begin to earn an income online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn extra money from home.  Internet marketing is essentially promoting products for compensation.  You promote and market products for other businesses and companies through links on your website.  You can also become an affiliate with a free website, or even without a website.

The hyperlink is the starting point of all of your affiliate marketing commissions.  You can place links on your own website of course, and you can also market links with social websites.  Quality product reviews will attract your customers and prompt them to click on the links to the products and services you are promoting and place a purchase.  How many advertisements you place, and your design are capable of having a huge effect on profits.  Filling up every inch of space is bad design, and a common marketing mistake.  You must be able to determine whether there is a demand for the products that you intend to market, and if guests will actually purchase them. You need to be able to efficiently describe the product to your potentially interested customers.  A truthful review encourages customers to make a purchase.

Joining an affiliate program is not nearly as tedious to set up as you might think.  There are quite a lot of programs that will have you started in ten minutes or a bit less.  Due to to the monstrous success for affiliates and companies both, there are plenty of affiliate marketing products to select from.  To get started you only need a place to post links. That sounds pretty fast, does it not?  That’s due to the fact it is, and it’s getting easier all the time. sells is among the best affiliate networks and sells millions of products, and all of them are made available for you to sell through your affiliate market program. lists many different companies that you can join with through Google affiliates. Once you have chosen your program, pick out a product or product category.  Pay attention to the instructions on the affiliate site to get links or banners to use.  Write a helpful review on a particular product, and strategically place the links where people can locate them.   Then sit back, and evaluate the results, and make money with affiliate marketing.

Paid Surveys are Scams

Many people have often wondered if paid surveys are legitimate.  As a result I decided to find free paid online surveys and review the potential to make money.  What I found is that paid surveys, as a source of income, are largely of no use, and earning income would be impossible.  The commission for surveys is laughably poor.  I have yet to see a survey pay greater than .80 cents, and often I was not “approved” to take partin the survey.

This has directed me to believe that Paid Surveys are Hoaxes.  The companies do not pay very much for surveys but they nevertheless promise you can make a bunch of money.  However to make generous amounts of money you would need to sign up for their bargains.  These discounts consist of everything from a new master card, Internet service, or TV subscriptions.  You stand to make eight to sixty dollars by accomplishing whatever task is offered.  For example, if they offer 30.00 for you to get a new store card, then you can sign up for the card and you get $30.00.  Most of the people that are marketing the notion of paid surveys have a interest in it.  They want you to click their link and sign-up for the service, which will get them a referral commission.

Some other sites will advise you that you can make tons of money easy by just enlisting for offers and services, and then cancel before the bill arrives.  If you click on any of the deals make sure that you look over the terms and conditions.  Regularly the money will not be rewarded unless you have the account open past a pre-determined time frame.  The amount of time varies however it is usually long enough that you end up paying the service more than whatever funds you may have received.  Regarding a credit card you typically only get paid once the account is active.  Too many credit cards will damage your credit, and the cards listed often have membership fees that are equal or more than the reward offered.  I advise avoiding the offers completely, but if you have got to try them read the terms and conditions! I have tried many ways to make income online, and have stumbled upon various winners.  Paid surveys are not one of them.  I will avoid them like the Plague, and hope that if you are reading this you will as well, or at least have a better comprehension of what you are getting into.